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Design Process & Guidance

Simple is beautiful - why therefore make anything complicated? You can read this page in 5 - 10 minutes.


A few handy facts

  • Garden consultations cost £25 plus vat and typically take around 30 minutes. The cost is refunded if you have design work completed.

  • Planting of any garden is split in to two stages. This means that the cost is split in two also.

  • If the design of your garden includes the need for landscaping work, we will recommend to you you a selection of local and national contractors and artisans to help create a garden.

  • All design, planting work and accessorising is completed in house.

  • Applications for gardens to be completed in summer 2019 are now closed, though we will be happy to hear about projects with a timescale for completion summer 2020.

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The Design Process

A visit from Greg to chat about your garden project, your requirements and budget. It's also a chance for you to get to know Greg, his values and approach. Greg will show you some pictures of gardens and help you narrow down what you are really looking for. It's handy if you have a little think beforehand on how much you want to spend.

Following the consultation the next step is for us to produce some initial ideas. This includes some basic written recommendations and ideas, mood board and garden elements. Initial ideas booklets tend to cost between £50 for smaller projects and £150 (plus VAT) for bigger more complicated works.

This stage includes both taking measurements, a scale plan of the garden, a full garden design inspiration booklet and costing. The stage can also include a couple of meetings where ideas will be brought to enhance the design further. Upon completion we'll do a final presentation to you where you'll then have a few weeks to decide if you'd like to proceed. Cost for this stage varies depending on the scale of the works. However, we will always give you a rough estimate in advance as to how much our design fees will be.

Contractors who we recommend to you will now complete the preparation of the garden (usually this is the clearing of no longer required existing features) and then complete the landscaping. Contractors who we recommend always have years of experience in paving, walling, water features and building. We will complete checkups during the build process and be at the end of the phone should the client or landscaper require clarification.

At the design stage we'll give you a schedule of when we'll be planting your garden. This happens in stages. For instance garden structure is planted in the spring, summer colour in April or May and autumn plants and bulbs for the following spring in Autumn. This means that cost is staggered which I know my clients appreciate.

Next Steps

Book a consultation with Greg by calling 07597 072161 or email him via leafylytham@gmail.com. We understand that our clients are often very busy people so we do offer early morning, evening and weekend consultations as well as the usual weekday options.


Before the consultation, have a think first about these two elements;


  • Cost - How much are you comfortable spending? This is different for everyone and you dont need a set idea. It's just knowing for instance before the consultation if you have an average sized back garden and have a budget of £2,500 or £15,000 we'll be able to tailor our recommendations to you a lot better.

  • Dreams - Make two lists. Firstly, are there any things that you have always dreamed to have in your garden and would absolutely really want to have. Second, are there any things that you had thought you might like to include. Things that are not on the Must list but on a maybe if I dream hard enough list.


It's never too early to book a consultation. We are now taking enquiries from prospective clients for garden design work over the autumn 2019 time for completion in summer 2020.

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